Sprachtest Englisch

Englisch-Sprachtest für Sprachaufenthalte

Testen Sie jetzt Ihre Englischkenntnisse! In 50 Fragen können Sie beweisen, wie gut Sie im Englischkurs aufgepasst haben. Viel Glück!

1. Testfragen


There some juice in the cupboard.

I need to buy umbrella.

My father a doctor.

"How cinemas are there in the town?" "Three, I think."

Can you please pass book?

That's not your book, it's

Omar a brother and two sisters.

"Where are you from?" "I from Japan. "

Where he work?

I live the school

They are at language school at the moment.

She like getting up early.

I usually go to the cinema the weekend.

We to Egypt last year. It was fantastic.

It is illegal to smoke in this building. You smoke here.

You help your homestay mother wash the dishes.

He speaks English very

I usually go to work foot.

to come to Liverpool this weekend?

Would you mind me, please?

Have you ever to London?

I've lived in Chester 5 years.

Jana has booked her plane ticket. She to Paris next week!

Since he retired Mario has a lot of time travelling abroad.

If the weather's good tomorrow, we be able to play tennis.

I've got a bit of a problem. Can you give me ?

You can't go into that room at the moment; it cleaned.

You need to wear clothes if you want to get into that nightclub.

I can't come to the meeting today. Can we put it until next week?

The food is very different here in England. I'm not used so many potatoes!

It rained so hard that the town was

Our parents never have a pet when we were young.

I'm not sure what to do when I finish school. I go to university.

Since her mother and father died, her closest is her uncle.

If you drink and drive in this country you can be from driving!

"Have you finished your assignment yet?" "Not yet, but I it by Friday.

The teacher recommended our work carefully.

I'm coming down to London at the weekend. Is there any chance you could ?

If you had taken a map with you, you lost and arrived late!

You Pete at the party last night! He was at home, ill in bed.

Liverpool is bigger than Chester.

"Excuse me, where is the nearest bank?"

Shakespeare wrote the play Hamlet.

"Can I borrow your dictionary Martin?" asked David.

He started working here three years ago.

Sally goes to the hairdresser's every 6 weeks.

The film started at 7.30pm, but we were late and didn't arrive at the cinema until 7.45pm

I'm really excited about starting my new job

We couldn't play football yesterday because of the rain.

Even though she didn't have much money, she bought herself a new pair of shoes.